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  1. 2010.07.19 frame break season#1 (1)
카테고리 없음2010. 7. 19. 01:16

i have dead pipe keirin frame i use like 2yrs, and i put on very side like a year in garage.
so i decide to make this metal into crazy awsom toy bike!!
first i had to build 1inch steer landing gear folk.so i made it.

and then i put left over used parts together

after all, bunny hop, barspin, fakie, slik all the things i tried and worked greeeat!!
but it was dead & cracked already before i make up, so it couldnt stand tough.

but it was fun to have toy always!!!! im gonna make it another one lol

so the world 1st keirin base trick frame is gone.

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